Environmental Policy Statement

EWS (Manufacturing) Ltd recognise the interaction between our activities and the environment. EWS will take into consideration future impacts of its products and operations managing our environmental impact is one of our company’s key objectives and is part of EWS Manufacturing’s world class manufacturing targets.

We aim to develop and maintain a high standard of environmental care, to prevent pollution or other impacts on the environment and improve continually our environmental performance.

Our guiding principles are:

  • Management commitment to, and staff awareness of, the need to care for the environment
  • To discharge its obligations under environmental legislation and to fulfil any other environmental commitments
  • To assess the environmental implications of all our activities as an integral part of decision making
  • To develop and maintain an effective environmental management system
  • To investigate and promote the development of more efficient and cleaner ways of carrying out our operations and activities
  • To promote the efficient use of energy and material resources
  • To respond promptly, effectively and in accordance with our environmental system to any environmental incidents or issues.
  • To promote environmental awareness of employees, suppliers and contractors
  • To educate and train employees in an environmentally responsible manner. Constant with our guiding principles, we will set targets and objectives to support this policy and will review them regularly
We will maintain internal procedures to support this policy and its effectiveness in the light of changing knowledge and understanding.

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