REACH Regulations Policy

REACH Regulations (Registration, Evaluation and authorisation of Chemicals)

Under REACH EWS (Manufacturing) Ltd is not a producer, importer or supplier of chemicals. The substances used by EWS (Manufacturing) Ltd in our rolling process fall into the category of preparations according to REACH terminology.

As a “downstream user” we are aware that we have duties and obligations under the REACH Regulations. Concerning all products supplied to EWS, which can be Substances, Preparations or Articles according to REACH terminology, EWS (Manufacturing) Ltd is actively involved with suppliers to ensure we meet the requirements under the regulations, in addition EWS (Manufacturing) Ltd is using the services of an additional Health & Safety consultant to ensure full compliance.

We have written to all of our suppliers who are also downstream users regarding the regulations, requesting their conformity to the regulations. We can supply the information they have returned should you require it.

Our understanding is that as a recipient / downstream user we need to use the substances in the manner described by the supplier, using the risk management measures prescribed and feedback to the supplier experience in its use. We use all of the products currently in use in accordance with the SDS currently available to us.

Our understanding is that the responsibility for registration with European Chemicals Agency in Helsinki is with producers, importers and suppliers of the chemicals covered under the new EU Regulation REACH.

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